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This is now officially a lurker account. Next to nothing will ever be posted, none of the stored pics shall be restored, and I won't delete them due to sentimental value.

The reasoning for this is I A. have no time for it B. have had it so long it's clogged to the brim with, to put it simply, bullshit
C. made it at a rather naive time in my life, so, MORE BULLSHIT

So, I'll just recede into the shadows and just follow my favorite artists.  

This is mainly for those rare occurrences where someone watches me, thus clogging up their watch list due to the fact this is a dead and irrelevant account at this point.
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I'm actually just treating this account as a lurker account until the summer where I can literally redraw EVERY SINGLE DEVIATION, so I don't have to look at their disgustingness of yesterday.
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Me and I few friends are trying to flesh out a plot for a real pokemon movie. We want it to follow the first and last episodes of the season 1 pokemon series,but  want to show how the pokemon came to be with the normal animals we know today being around. So I want you guys to comment on how pokemon came into this world if they were new sub/regular new species to our species. This is what I got so far is that a new non harmful bacteria emerged from the swine flu,which is only able to infect all species except huminods,with a specific gene and evolve them  rapidly into newer,much more advanced,like trillion of years,species or subspecies. Newer adaptions from this evolution is diffrent from every species,but all share a few basic attributes,such as a new design for bones,which I like to call the beehive bone structure,which instead of the regular bone type of fiber,is contructed of millions smaller octagons for strong as steel and lightweight bones. Another is the skin,having the bacteria live everywhere in the body,and heals most wounds quicker or blots open wound's blood flow like a vampire bat bite does. It also descretes a oil that makes them flame-redardent, making it immpossible to be burned or electricuted to death,but if in a inferno,will die like everything else. They also have a evolved obedience and understanding part of the brain so they completely understand other species, but still in they're own language. So whadda'ya think?